Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Where did spring go?!?!

This weather here is like bipolar…seriously, a couple days ago it was warmish and enjoyable outside and today, sleeting.  I mean I’m seriously over this cold weather. But to make the most of it we played Assassin’s Creed 2, made a fort, watched Smurfs and made indoor s’mores.

First of all I’m kind of addicted to AC2, like everyone else who plays it, except…I watch haha I really like the story line and just the fact that it’s ITALY is my favorite!! My brother got me hooked on it a few years ago when he was playing so I would sit and watch and now since Levi plays them, I got to help with AC4 because of the awesome companion app you can get on your iPad. So now we’re going back through them so I can fully understand the whole story.

Ok enough of that!

The fort, yeah we’re like 5! I got really bored sitting on the couch and decided since we’re stuck inside why not?! So we built one, watched Smurfs, which I forgot how cheesy it was lol and then made these awesome indoor s’mores.


All I did was turn the oven on to 450 degrees, get a cookie sheet and set the graham crackers down with the marshmallow then  put in the oven. I didn’t really time it, I mainly just watched the marshmallows. 
2014-03-02 21.40.57

Take them out when you want, add your Hershey’s bar and your done! 



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