Get Unplugged

Well I’ve been about terrible at the whole encouraging thing lol I’ve missed the past two days, way proud. Make up day tomorrow!! I was very pleased when I heard the girls asking each other how the challenge was going, one said she was actually enjoying it! Awesome! I one of the older girls how it was going and she said “it couldn’t have come at a better time”, she was telling me how she had hurt her mothers feelings on the first night of it and she went and drew her a picture and wrote some encouraging notes on it. I am so pleased! Some of my girls are getting it, others are making excuses that they have no time.  Why? Why do these girls have no time, I kept asking one girl what was getting in her way and it was a lot of well I don’t wake up early, I have track meets etc. most of which I just came back with “well what about on the bus, etc.?”

Levi just talked about this a few weeks with the kids in a discussion group asking them what gets in the way of them reading their Bible and they were very honest about it all. They had to really dig deep on why they aren’t putting it first in their life, some examples were, homework, friends, social media, and free time. A lot of what we were hearing was when they get home after their extracurricular activities they have  homework they finish and when they get done with that they want down time, which I honestly don’t blame them, but where does God come in? I”m definitely not saying I have it all together, I miss a lot of opportunities because I’m worried about other things like looking for jobs, doing house work or mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest.

All of this just made me take a step back and look around, we are constantly plugged into anything, cell phones, iPad’s, computers, Xbox, TV, it’s all around and everyone seems like they have to have this to get through everyday. Its sad. I told Levi, maybe we need to have like an unplugged day where everyone turns over their phones and they hang out and do something not relating to electronics.  I feel like I’m becoming an old lady because I’m seeing more and more the importance of being able to lay that phone down, shut the laptop and go read my Bible, go visit with friends, or take a walk.

My church camp had a “no cell phone” rule, we couldn’t have any sort of electronic out, we did have them in our cabins but they weren’t touched, we discouraged it. The kids got more out of that week I think than some kids at different church camps where its entertainment galore. One guy was telling us about a camp that he loves because it’s more fun, it’s entertaining. In my mind I’m just wanting to ask how are you totally focused on God if you aren’t STILL? We need to be putting things aside that distract us and actually listen to him speak or put things aside to totally listen to a friend talk about what’s going on in their life.

I think we all need, including myself, to get unplugged. Start small, go one hour without it and devote it to something for His kingdom. Who knows maybe you’ll see a change.

Get unplugged, write some encouraging letters, and spend time with our Heavenly Father.



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