Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Where did spring go?!?!

This weather here is like bipolar…seriously, a couple days ago it was warmish and enjoyable outside and today, sleeting.  I mean I’m seriously over this cold weather. But to make the most of it we played Assassin’s Creed 2, made a fort, watched Smurfs and made indoor s’mores.

First of all I’m kind of addicted to AC2, like everyone else who plays it, except…I watch haha I really like the story line and just the fact that it’s ITALY is my favorite!! My brother got me hooked on it a few years ago when he was playing so I would sit and watch and now since Levi plays them, I got to help with AC4 because of the awesome companion app you can get on your iPad. So now we’re going back through them so I can fully understand the whole story.

Ok enough of that!

The fort, yeah we’re like 5! I got really bored sitting on the couch and decided since we’re stuck inside why not?! So we built one, watched Smurfs, which I forgot how cheesy it was lol and then made these awesome indoor s’mores.


All I did was turn the oven on to 450 degrees, get a cookie sheet and set the graham crackers down with the marshmallow then  put in the oven. I didn’t really time it, I mainly just watched the marshmallows. 
2014-03-02 21.40.57

Take them out when you want, add your Hershey’s bar and your done! 



Chicken Noodle Soup! Perfecto!

2014-02-13 19.25.09Ok so I’m fairly new to this whole cooking thing…sad. I’m 24 and this is the first time I’m learning how to plan out meals. When I lived in my apartment in college it was just me and my awesome roomie, we were both crazy busy and our meals consisted of throwing a freezer meal in the microwave, push start, eat, and be on the run again.

Pinterest has really been my friend! If the food looks good to me or Levi, I’ll pin it! Why not, one of these days I might get around to trying it! So on this particular day I decided on this crock pot chicken noodle soup…um it was great!!

I’ll add the link so you can try it yourself! It took maybe 15 minutes for me to get it all together and you cook it for 7 hours.

Levi loved it, so points for me for getting it right haha 🙂