March Photo A Day: The Past


The past, something my grandma can remember.

I’m not sure when this picture was taken but it was taken long before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

This dreaded disease is awful, it steals your memories from today and locks you inside a world of your own.

I’ll never forget the night my grandmother looked over at the lady sitting beside her and realized that it was her sister, “what happened to you?” She cried.

Nothing’s the same.

All but 2 of the 8 siblings have died from this awful disease. My grandmother has lasted the longest. It’s sad to see her lost. And when she does realize the “real” it’s heartbreaking.



March Photo A Day: A Closed Door


I really wanted to start a photo-a-day challenge and I found one for this month! I love taking pictures but I have gotten away from it and needed something to bring out my creativity and here it is!

Since I’m starting late I just decided to pick up on today’s photo, which surprisingly got my attention. A closed door.

Why? Well lately I’ve been seeing a lot of “closed doors”, not getting into the school I thought and jobs not coming through.

Let’s back up a year. I am a girl with a plan and goals. God says don’t do that, but I can’t help it and I know he laughs at me when I do. Anyway, here we go, I attended my university pursuing a degree in pre-physical therapy, thought that’s what I really wanted to do since before I can remember! Applied to PTA school…didn’t get in.

It was literally like someone went up to my house of cards, that I had worked on for so long, chuckled and thumped it. It all came down. I had no idea what I was going to do, I was getting married in 8 months and the plan was get married, get into school and get that final degree. I started looking at other schools that I could possibly get into, there were schools around, not very close by and I would have to sit out a year.

I graduated with a degree in General Studies with a focus on Behavioral Science, I always told myself I did not want to end up with just a “general studies” degree, I wanted something more, something I could really work with. But as time passed I began to think it wasn’t such a big deal, it actually gave me more options…until I went for a clinical secretary job and I was, wait for it, OVER qualified. The words she actually said to me were “Honey, you realize you are way over qualified for this job?” Yeah I’m pretty sure any new graduate doesn’t want to hear that. I told her I need the job and would be great at it. Door #2, closed. God doesn’t want me there.

I began to ask God what he had in store for me because right now it’s looking like a dead end road. I try really really hard to keep my faith that God has these plans for me, it’s just in His time…but it’s not going quick enough.

So I get a job at the university I attended for a few months recruiting prospective students. It was actually really enjoyable, I met a lot of great people. Problem with getting this job as a permanent was I was getting married….and moving. Blessing and a curse hehe, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE where I’m at right now with my hubby in OK.

But after we got married, jobs still didn’t just land in my lap, people are looking at me like I went to college for nothing because of my “general studies” label, I’m thinking I have this bachelor’s degree…and I can’t get a single decent job and people think I’m pathetic (door #3)…what is wrong with me?

My point….I saw on the photo-a-day challenge that today’s picture was a closed door and it just hit me, I have all of this to write about, it’s been eating at me day and night. One thing it definitely has taught me is that I am having to rely on God constantly, knowing that He has better plans. Who knows what I will be doing. I haven’t really found where I need to be, certainly struggling trying to figure out where God wants me. I’m just trusting Him day by day.

Just because a door is closed, doesn’t mean that another one will open along the way.


Hello World!


I’m fairly new to this whole blog thing, I’ve had one on occasion and never can stick with it but I think I’ll have plenty to write about in the coming years. I just got married in late December to a Youth Minister!
So with newlywed life and dealing with the crazy teens I think I’ll have a good chunk to write about 🙂
What you might see on here will probably consist of a lot of new meals I try and succeed or fail at, crazy stories about life, fashion on occasion (because what girl doesn’t love clothes?), my trials at decorating and organizing a small house, and of course some inspirational and spiritual posts.

Hopefully I will have the blog exactly the way I want it here in a few days! On the search for some pretty little nothings to decorate it with 🙂

Hope you enjoy my blog!